Colia.Power Twister

Smart external battery for your smartphone.

Colia.Power Twister - external battery with embedded cables

Designed for ultimate portability and universal compatibility.
Slim, beautiful and smart, it will recharge any smartphone, any where, any time.

With an ingenious slim design which embed two replaceable cables, a stunning scratch resistant polycarbonate case and a dozen of built-in safety electronic features, this new rechargeable power bank is sure to be your smartphone's new best friend. A fully-charged Colia.Power Twister may recharge your smartphone up to 4 times, keeping you connected 24/7, no matter where you are!

Designed and engineered in Europe.

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Designed for ultimate portability

We aimed to create an external battery that is easy to use. It has to be slim, light, compatible with all USB charging devices and cable-hassle free.

Slim and easy to carry

It is specially designed to fit in your hand just like your smartphone. Its width is equal or smaller then your smartphone therefore you can hold it in your hand while talking on the phone and recharge it in the same time.
It is also slim enough to fit and share the same pocket with your smartphone so no need to worry about that.

Stunning looking and scratch resistant shell

A high-performance shell made from Polycarbonate , same as in F-22 Fighters cockpit, both lightweight and scratch resistant. The translucent Polycarbonate is imprinted using a film labeling technique that assures a beautiful and precise model design. The cables are carefully embedded in the left and right sides so they blend in without disturbing the fine lines of the device.

Embedded cables for universal compatibility

The embedded cables are one of the most important feature in Twister™. Use them when you need them, hide them inside the shell when you don't and replace them when they are damaged or outdated. The design is intended to offer compatibility with future connectors so your investment is protected.

Set them up according to your needs

Left side:

USB to Micro-USB data cable will allow you to recharge most standard smartphones: Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

Colia.Power Twister - embedded cables

Colia.Power Twister - cables detail

Right side:

Use any of the following:

  1. USB to Apple 30 pin connector used in iPhone up to model 4S.
  2. USB to Apple Lightening connector that is used starting with iPhone (*) 5
  3. USB to Mini-USB connector used by older devices such as camcorders or mini speakers.

* - Read the instruction on the retail package to see what cables are included.
If you louse or damage a cable, simply replace it with a new one sold separately.

Both sides:

There are 2x standard USB mother port. One on each side.

If you own a device that uses a non-standard connector, simply use one of the 2 USB ports to charge it with the original cable. Remove any of the Twister cables to reveal it.
You can use both ports to charge two devices in the same time.

2x USB ports to cover all standard devices

Built-in smart electronic features


feature-plug-and-chargeSimply connect your device and the power bank will automatically power- on and start charging.

Short-circuit protection

feature-shortcircuit-protectionIn case of a short-circuit, the build-in safety mechanism will activate a protection mode.

Overheat protection

feature-overheatIf the sensors detect an over-heat, the protection system will activate automatically

Auto Power-Off

feature-auto-power-offDisconnect the device and the Power.Twister will automatically power-off in order to save the energy.

Advanced Power filters

feature-power-filtersAdditional safety features are also build-in, making the Power Twister one of the best-protected and electronically-designed power bank on the market

Over Discharge Protection

feature-over-dischargeAdditional safety features are also build-in, making the Power Twister one of the best-protected and electronically-designed power bank on the market

Technical Specifications

Model:Twister 3000Twister 4500Twister 6000
Capacity 3000 mAh 4500 mAh 6000 mAh
Dimensions 115 x58 x11.5 mm; 115 x58 x15 mm; 115 x58 x18 mm;
Weight 90 gr 115 gr 140 gr
USB Port 2 2 2



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