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Colia.Power Photon

Portable solar panels

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Colia.Power Photon

clean, green, mobile energy

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Colia.Power Photon

charge any USB device

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Colia.Power Photon

as long as the sun shine upon you

Colia.Power Photon

Portable solar panels manufactured in Europe

A portable source of infinite power, carefully crafted by european artisans, builded to last and ready for adventures.

Ready to recharge your smart-devices and to set you free from on-grid energy outlet, anyware you are, as long as the sun shines. Without affecting the environment.

You got POWER! Mobile Power!


Colia.Power Photon is an portable photovoltaic system capable of recharging your smart-phone just like you would do it in the comfort of your home. Anywhere you are, as long as the sun shine upon you.

Thinner then a magazine and smaller then a Tablet PC but build to resist outdoor conditions, it was designed to follow you in any adventure you take: from climbing high mountains or crossing arid deserts, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, or just about anything else outdoorsy. Even when enjoying a sun bath at the beach or at the pool you may run in the need for power for your smart devices. As long as the sun shine upon you, Photon will provide you the electrical energy your smart-devices need.

Clean, green, mobile energy gives you total freedom to stay connected while you are far away from regular power source.

Designed and manufactured in Europe.

Photon - portable solar panel with thinnest design

Designed to be part of the adventure

We aimed to create a portable solar system that it is light, safe, durable, easy to carry around and build to last.
To manufacture it, we called European skilled craftsman who spent a life manufacturing luxury leather products and ask them to replace the leather with high-tech fabrics. They shared our vision and embrace the challenge to produce the best possible portable solar panel.

Thin. Thinner. Thinnest.

We aimed to build a product that was easy to carry, easy to use and safe, while providing a stylish durability and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Measuring only 13mm in thickness it can fit in every bag that can fit a small Tablet PC also.
One of the biggest challenge we needed to answer during the design was the placement of the electronic circuit that regulate the voltage. The solution we found, not only protects the circuit when not in use but also allow to compensate its height, making it the thinnest portable solar panel in the market.

Durable. Build to last.

In a world full of challenges Photon is tough enough to help you explore them, one adventure at a time.
The solar panels are protected by a special Polyester panel that is difficult-to-ignite and self-extinguishing–fire (ratings Class B1 according to DIN 4102, M1, Class 1), resistant to water, UV radiation, impact and termic insulator. Rugged abrasion-resistant and water-resistant textile covers and protect the Polyester panel on outside while inside it is protected by a high-tech fabric coated with a special material, ordered in a honeycomb model, witch dissipate the heat.

Electrical connections are made with a 2mm wide copper cable, resistant to water, high and low temperatures. The electronic circuit is covered with a silicon which protect it from water or mechanical shock.



USB standard regulated voltage

To reduce the noise and other issues that are normal to the power generated by the solar panels, we designed an electronic circuit that regulates the power and provide a clean and stable power output. It also prevent accidental peeks and downfalls, making it suitable to be used with your smartphone.


All components of the Photon were selected or build to be resistant to water. However, as with any electronic device, special care is required if contact with water occurred. Consult the user manual for further details.

Dust, sand, snow and scratch resistant.

Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies that create exceptionally durability, it can sustain the challenges brought by the outdoor adventures.

Built-in smart electronic features


feature-plug-and-chargeIf the panel is open and the sun is shining, simply connect your device and start charging it.

Short-circuit protection

feature-shortcircuit-protectionIn case of a short-circuit, the build-in safety mechanism will activate the protection mode. 

Advanced Power filters

feature-power-filtersAdditional safety features are build-in. Photon is one of the best-protected portable solar panel on the market

How it works

Setup requires only 2 basic steps:

  1. Open the panels and expose it under direct sun light. Best results are achieved when the angle is 90°.
  2. Connect your USB cable to the Photon and to your device.

You are ready. The charging has started. When your device is fully charged, just unplug the cable and close the panels.

Portable solar panel and cofee

Useful tips:

Avoid even partially shade. The solar panels are build as a matrix and if one of the cell has a lower performance, the overall system is affected.

Try to avoid very high temperatures. The output of the panel is decreasing when its temperature is raising. Try to keep it low by allowing enough space for ventilation and not placing it directly on hot surface like rocks or sand.

Technical Specifications

Model: Photon S4W Photon Pro E7W Photon Deluxe B7W
Color inside Dark Cyan Navy Blue

Bright Green

Cover fabric Strong fibres
Anthracite Black
Strong fibres
Anthracite Black
Genuine leather
Dimensions 205 x213 x17 mm 205 x213 x17 mm 205 x213 x17 mm
Weight 380 gr 436 gr 473 gr
USB Port 1 1 1
Output Voltage 5V 5V 5V
Max output Current 600 mAh 1100 mAh 1100 mAh

Got some questions? Check out the Photon FAQ page or Contact us


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