We create things.

For those who never stop searching.

We create things

For those who never give up.

We create things.

For those who aim higher.

We create things.

For those who take the extra step.

Welcome to our virtual home

We are a technology company with passion for innovations and smart ideas. We design and manufacture products that are ment to amaze you with innovative features and stunning look.

Our current portfolio is split in four different lines. See them bellow:


Mobile energy!

Smart-devices are now part of our life but a low battery can ruin your day. See our answer to this challenge.


Decibel party!

In a mobile world your passions should follow you also. Take your music with you and enjoy the HF sound.


Embrace well being!

A day can be more relaxing with a masseur that never gets tired. At home, office or in your car. See what we have prepared for you.


Spark the creativity!

Toys designed to challenge your imagination and unleash your inner genius. Enjoy quality time and spark your creativity.

We create things

We love to develop new products that helps you enjoy life.

About the company

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